Benefits of Cool Sculpting

  • Non-invasive The only method that rids your body of fat cells without surgery.
  • There is no downtime.
  • No risk of infection.
  • Most patients are treated in an hour or less.

Discuss any medical conditions that you may have with your doctor. Sharing your medical history with a doctor can help him or her determine any obstacles with your Cool Sculpting procedure.

Cool Sculpting

Non-invasiveWhen exercising and dieting aren’t enough, there’s a quick and safe way to lose excess fat or tone up flabby areas. Cool Sculpting is an innovative technique that eliminates fat cells by freezing them. This procedure provides you with a safe, noninvasive way to get the shape you want.


How It Works

Instead of destroying fat cells by burning them, Cool Sculpting involves the use of a cooling device. Depending on where you want fat removed, the device goes on that area for about one hour. This provides enough time for the device to freeze the area, causing fat cells to die off. These cells then leave your body through metabolic processes, resulting in a smoother area with no flab or bulges.


While you have the cooling device on your body, you can spend the hour reading or doing other activities. You might experience slight pressure and a cold sensation when the device is initially placed on your body, but this is only temporary. When your session is over, you should be able to resume your usual activities. You might begin to see results from your treatment in as little as three weeks, although it could take up to six months for fat in the area to be completely gone. Keep in mind that you might also need to come in for additional Cool Sculpting sessions if you need fat removed from several areas or from one larger area.


Benefits of Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting offers important advantages over other types of fat loss methods, such as surgery. These include the following:

  • Noninvasive method: This freezing process does not require any incisions, which means that there is no risk of infections, bleeding or other complications that can occur after surgery. You also won’t have any scars from this procedure, and it won’t cause any damage to healthy tissue around the affected area.
  • Fast process: This procedure usually only takes an hour per session, making it a quick and convenient way to lose excess fat. Treatment sessions might take longer if you plan on having more than one area done.
  • No restrictions during recovery: Unless you’re instructed to limit activities, you should have no problem going about your day-to-day activities when you leave our office after a Cool Sculpting session.
  • Long-term results: The results of this procedure tend to last much longer compared to other methods of fat reduction. This means you have a lower chance of having to come back to have the same area treated again later on.


Safety of Fat Freezing

Most clients are able to have this fat freezing procedure done, but it’s important to consult your doctor beforehand. Clients who are considered obese and clients who have a condition called cryoglobulinemia or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria are not considered good candidates for Cool Sculpting. The FDA has approved this procedure as a fat reduction method for the thighs, abdomen and flank. In general, it offers a safe, effective form of fat reduction. You might have some tingling or redness in the treated area after your session, but these are usually mild and short-term effects.


If you’re struggling to lose excess fat and diet and exercise have not been effective, Cool Sculpting might offer the results you’re looking for. At OptimaMD, we can help you determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for this procedure. If you’re considered a candidate, we’ll let you know more about what to expect from Cool Sculpting and provide you with more information on the benefits it offers compared to surgery and other types of fat reduction techniques.