Benefits of Lipotropic Injections

  • Fat Reduction -Reduce the amount of stored fat that your body is holding.
  • Boosted Metabolism - Enhance and Increase your Metabolism to help you burn fat faster.
  • Energy Increase - Push that weight up a bit or run a little longer with more energy to do more.
  • Improved Sex drive - Although not scientifically proven to improve sex drive many patients report this benefit.

Discuss any medical conditions that you may have with your doctor. Sharing your medical history with a doctor can help him or her determine the correct amount of Lipotropic therapy you need to reach your goals.

Lipotropic Injections

Even with dieting and exercise, weight loss is still difficult for some people. Fact is, it’s not that uncommon.

Yet, if that’s something that you’ve struggled with, take heart. A revolutionary treatment called lipotropic injections has been beneficial to women of all ages who have trouble losing weight and keeping extra pounds off. Let’s examine them further.

What Are Lipotropic Injections?

Simply put, they are injections containing a high dose of essential nutrients that help you to lose weight. Lipotropic nutrients are used in the body to promote and support the removal of fat from the liver. A lipotropic nutrient also ensures that excess fat gets burned for fuel and energy rather than being stored.
Without these nutrients, bile and fat can build up in the liver and cause serious health problems such as liver failure and cirrhosis. Moreover, this lack interrupts your body’s natural fat burning processes and prevents it from using and discarding fat properly.

What’s In a Lipotropic Injection?

A lipotropic injection consists of three base compounds: Choline, Inositol and Methionine.
*Choline – This is an essential nutrient required for proper liver function. It exports fat and bile from the liver, is responsible for fat to be burned for energy/fuel, as well as detoxifies the liver. Overall, it plays a key function in fat metabolism.
*Inositol – Related to the Vitamin B family, Inositol is involved in the breakdown of fats, as well as various biological processes that create positive psychiatric conditions.
*Methionine – An essential amino acid, methionine is considered a deactivating agent to many hormones such as estrogen, and defends the body against toxic compounds. It also eliminates liver fat and provides protection for the kidneys.

How Do Lipotropic Injections Work?

By injecting specific vitamins and minerals directly into the body, they help fat dissolve by increasing metabolism. This is different from liposuction, in which fat is actually removed. Fat is dissolved in specific areas of the body that the injections target. Some of the specific areas targeted are the hips, buttocks, neck, inner thighs and stomach.
Lipotropic injections are often used in combination with B6 and B12 injections. These injections can be given up to twice a week.

The Role of B Vitamins

The B vitamins are water-soluble and play an integral role in cell metabolism. There are eight B vitamins in all. Additionally, B vitamins are needed for healthy hair, skin and muscles, as well as to support and increase the body’s metabolism.

What Are The Benefits Of Lipotropic Injections?

There are many benefits of lipotropic injections, including fat reduction, enhanced and increased metabolism, energy increase, and many patients even report an improved sex life.
There are also other positive effects of lipotropic injections, such as improved function of the liver and gall bladder, preservation of muscle during weight loss, as well as improved mood and mental clarity.

Maximizing Your Lipotropic Injection

Being treated with lipotropic injections has been proven to be more beneficial if you are already involved in a workout program. Results come quickly in conjunction with a workout program. Because lipotropic injections raise energy levels, they can help you push through difficult exercise routines.
Make sure to consult with your physician to decide if lipotropic injections are right for you. For most, the ability to quickly and safely lose weight is a common result.